Lately I've been really drawn to bass tapestries made by some of the great low end session players: Jamerson, Rainey, Sklar, and Dunn to name some of my favorites. Share any of your personal favorite sidemen.
I love Randy haha.
His stuff with Aretha surprised me; he has this weird rhythmic intuition.
I like alot of the stuff Nathan East has done.
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Nathan East is a monster.

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Randy Jackson, James Jamerson and Donald Duck Dunn. Though known as the bass player for Booker T and the MGs, Dunn played on a boot load of Stax records, including many Albert King records. For the Motown side, I also love Bob Babbitt, who was the bass player for Stevie Wonder's song, Signed, Sealed, Delivered; one of the most infectious R & B basslines known to man.