Hey our online band is in need of a vocalist. We have a full band, and all we need is the vocalist. You don't have to be amazing, but some skill would be nice. All we ask is that you have guitar pro and and msn account.
Thanks in advance,
Senocular Pariah
great do you have msn? We might be able to set you up with guitar pro not sure tho
It would not play for me, however are you singing in the song on your profile?
Also what equipment do you use to record?
Ok i got it to play and your singing was good just not sure if its our type. Can you sing for a rock band? It doesn't need to be metal, but I don't think were looking for Spanish lol
I don't have guitar pro, or msn account.
I do have Sonar Producer, as well as other home recording gear.
My Email ken.vater@ntlworld.com can handle upto 10Mb files.
If you want to check out my voice on the only songs I am legally allowed to put up there go to http://www.myspace.com/kenvater. There is a brief bit of a bio on there as well.
If your intersted I am sure we can work something out.


I have both

i dont have recording equipment however...
I can also play rhythm guitar pretty well, not to uptalk my self, but as far as rhythm goes, i can play almost literally anything =/. I used to be a rhythm guitarist and secondary vocalist in a band not too long ago. hit me up at zachb_13@hotmail.com
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