So I have an Epiphone Special II that I got as a starter guitar. I have since bought a mexcian fender strat that I use as my main guitar. I was thinking about putting some EMG's 81 and 85 that I got for $100 into the Epiphone just to have something to mess around with. Is it worth investing the money and putting them in that guitar? If I held out and bought say an Epiphone SG-400 would that make any sense. Assuming they both had EMG's, is the SG going to sound that much better that it's worth upgrading? Thanks in advance for the help.
Do neither.

What's your amp?
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What amp?
For a more direct answer, just get a new guitar rather than upgrade the Epi Special. Unless you can upgrade low quality wood, set-up, and some hardware.
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Getting EMGs for a fender blues deluxe is like putting a hemi in a moped.

If anything i'd upgrade the strat.