Well I thought about it clear and loud and here's what I want:

1 GREAT clean sound (think DR, with slightly more mids)
1 GREAT Blues tone (thick, rich, full of harmonics and natural sounding, that cleans up great)

For the power amp I was thinking of two options. A dual EL84, AC15 type power amp or a dual 6V6s, Fender style. Probably going with the Fender now though I was dead set on the 84s for a while. It'd have a pentode/triode switch. But otherwise I'd want to keep it simple.

Now where it gets complicated. I want a simple signal path, and I want to not use many pedals with it.

So I figured:
Clean sound with two gain stages (B+C)
One footswitchable third stage (A)

TWO Cathode resistor boosts wired different, one on gain stage B, one on C.
One boost stage is EQed for a thick, mid and bass rich tone with extra gain.
Other boost is EQed for a thinner, spankier, top rich tone.

So I could have a clean sound, with the choice of whichever boost, but also a big OD tone tailored to whichever room I'm in, or whichever sound I want right this moment. That's three footswitches, but a rather clean signal path right?

Otherwise it's a simple 3 band EQ + presence. Gain controls would be gain (clean), gain (OD) and MV. The boosts are fixed. This way when the gain is off, I can have a cleaner boost, but they'd actually add OD when the gain is on.

Am I on the right track, or totally not there...? Maybe switching a lower value cathode resistor on a 12AX7 gain stage may not bring in that much change I'm expecting?