Are the best band around. I highly recommend them if any of you out there like Radiohead, Doves, Sigur Ros, Muse, Coldplay etc etc.

Theyre great.

Guy Garvey may be one of my favourite frontmen ever. A beautiful sincere voice, amazing lyrics, and his look is one of the everyman, adding to his appeal. Mark Potter is a pretty decent guitarist too (in the tasteful playing sense rather than teh shredz).

Mercury music prize couldn't go to a more deserving band.
I only have The Seldom Seen Kid (bought it on the strength of seeing them at Latitude and the Mercury Prize) but it's a very good album.

Bloody good live too, highlights of the Latitude set were Starlings being simply beautiful (the entire band playing trumpets in that fanfare bit was pretty cool too), Guy playing that world-renowned instrument, the iron bar on the end of a bit of rope, in the rock-out bits in Grounds For Divorce and pretty much everyone there singing along to One Day Like This (which incidentally I think is the best song that's been written for ages).

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Elbow have been amazing for years, they've churned out 3 AMAZING albums in a row and i'm glad that people have started taking notice. In Guy they have potentially the best lyricist of our day. Everyone plays their parts beautifully, not eager to overplay, just eager to make the song better and that to me, is the sign of an amazing bunch of musicians and an amazing band.

I also saw them live the other week and they were easily the best band i've ever seen, no-one has come remotely close to them
I don't know enough about them, but every single thing of theirs I've heard I love. Need to get their albums.
I've been into Elbow ever since Cast of Thousands, which to me is their best (though i haven't actually bought the new one, which is a crime, but chart cds are expensive...). Anyways, I'd gladly recommend all their previous albums, and I'm really glad they're beginning to get attention. Best kept secret in British music for a while...
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