So this is one my newer songs that i just finished. Im not very good at making drums and bass so have mercy there. There are also few rhytm errors.

Please rate this and give feedback on what to improve in my songmaking.
Thanks in advance.
Abomination Of The Desolation.zip
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yknow, the title kinda reminds me of morbid angel..


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Well i used to listen to Morbid Angel but i never have heard that name, this one comes from nostradamus prophecies, on which my lyrics are based .
Not a huge fan of the pre chorus and pre verse. They seem a bit... empty.

It was great though.
Thanks for the review. Yeah i think the same way about the pre verse and pre chorus I will look at them and make them a little more bigger sounding.
Wow, it's very cool (sounds more like rock rather than metal).

I thought it lacked harmonization at the beginning (maybe transpose a guitar a third below/above the lead guitar), like in the preverse (maybe add more drums too)

I liked the verse and chorus, but maybe add a vocal line to it (just for repetitive issues).

I liked the happy feeling of it..

I loved the solo and key change to Bmin (if I'm right), it was slow but the melody was great...Maybe the drums didn't sound too good, but it doesn't matter that much.

Also maybe work a little bit on the bass solo, doesn't sound as interesting as the guitar one

Wow, it gets pretty dissonant and chromatic at the harmonic thing afterwards, don't know if that is what you wanted though, I can't tell (like bar 170 too)

Anyways, pretty good song, just work on the bass maybe (doesn't stand that much not even in the solo) and the chromatism too