Hey everybody,
Just picked up my first acoustic, and OSP. It was cheap, but plays very well for the price tag. I've been playing electric for years, but I'd like to learn some acoustic songs. Anybody have any cool songs for me to start with? It dosn't have to be extremely easy, but just something that'll get me a little furthur then what I am now. I don't know what type of music, it dosn't matter. I listen to all sorts of metal, rock and some blues.
How far we've come by Matchbox 20
Good Riddance- Greenday
Never Too Late-Three Days Grace
Iris-Goo Goo Dolls
One Thing-Finger Eleven
Dear God-Avenged Sevenfold
If you like to sing and play, The Rooster-alice in chains
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Through Glass-Stone Sour
Tears Don't Fall-Bullet For My Valentine
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the man who sold the world
Roses are red
Voilets are blue
The only bulge in my pocket is my wallet
No i'm not happy to see you
Be Like That
Landing In London, both by 3 Doors Down
Broken by Seether (1/2 step down tuning but can also be played on standard)
Pardon Me by Incubus
seize the day - avenged sevenfold
the past recedes - john frusciante
desecration smile - red hot chili peppers
wiseman - slightly stoopid
and if you're really up for a challenge: closer to the sun - slightly stoopid
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wish you were here by pink floyd
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Thanks for all the replies.
All I've taken the time to learn was '3 Doors Down-If I Could Be Like That'. I already knew some songs, stuff from Cinderella and some other older bands.

Can anybody tell me what gauge strings they mainly use on acoustic, just so I can get an idea. This one came with 12's, and there much more difficult to play with then what I'm use to on electric. (9's)
Acoustics typically use 12s. But there are 11s and 10s if you feel that 12s are too difficult to play with. Although I think most people tend to stick with 12s, some even use 13s for the better tone.
Heres some acoustic songs by Creed:

With Arms Wide Open Acoustic
My Own Prison Acoustic
Alone Acoustic Ft. Tool
One Acoustic
Whats this Life For Acoutic

Some of these are tricky to play, but just keep practicing them. It helps with fingerpicking to. Have fun, and if you dont like creed, sorry. But these sound great.