like to play more classic rock ranging from 60's to 80's, examples including ACDC, guns n roses, randy rhoads, etc.. im not looking to spend too much on an amp, but i currently have a spider 2.., so im sure this would be a good upgrade. would this amp give me the tone im looking for?
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i have it
i absolutely love it

the tubes rattle really bad, i bought something from ebay to fix that.
i think it was called a tube guard, anyway now it works fun

a lot of punch,

the overdrive channel is good, but not very heavy. its perfect for me but it wont give you a metal sound, but with pedals im sure itll work fine
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As others have said, the Classic 30 is a great amp. It has an excellent clean channel, and the overdriven channel will get you some classic rock tones (and possibly early metal). If you want anything harder than that you'll have to get a pedal though. Great amp though, especially for the price.
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