I can not write. I can not write from my ****ing head, let alone write from my god dammed heart. I mix up capitals mis-spell words mess up punctuations. And all the time while I am writing how bad at writing I am I could be writing a song, a poem, a ****ing book! I could be writing anything as long as it was from the heart! ****ING PRESIDENT SPEECHES! But instead I just mess up more spellings and write about not writing. I’ll tell you a story. I have nothing to write about. The end. No. People write about love. Have I been in love? Well obviously not because if I can’t write about it I probably haven’t. Well maybe I just am no good at displaying my emotions. GET ME THE **** OUT OF HERE. I want to sleep for a million years and wake up as someone else. Close my eyes. Darkness. Exorcisms. Sex. Head. Wank. Cream. Cum. Spunk!
Jolie’s lips. Zooey’s Eyes. The nicest smile in the world. Sex. Sex. SEX. Teenage angst. Fights. Digs. Kicked in the stomach. Pushed up against a wall. Hit. Punched. Tears. Blood. Fight back. Push away. Run away. Fall away. Get carried away. Home. Bed. SEX SEX SEX. Gemma. Ciara. Chloe. London. London. London Eye. London streets. London accents. No, Dublin – Dirty streets, dirty accents. Stolen wallets. Fights outside chippers. And SEX SEX SEX and MORE SEX! More fights more blood more head more tits more wanks more drink, drugs, No rock and roll. James Bond. French girls. Life. Death. Taxes.

Wouldn’t it just be better if I wrote a song.
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I actually thought this was great.
I liked how you didn't space it out in paragraphs, because it shows how the character (or you, depending on how you wrote it) is just so confused and aggravated. I didn't like the beginning all too much, the excessive swearing was unnecessary, I think.

But I like the ending... It reminds me of the Ben Franklin quote.

Keep it up.
ok, yeah. my name is silly because I signed up when I was 13.

Relax, the biggest enemy of writing is impatience. You have to let it come to you.

Steven Tyler knew that "Janie had a gun" for almost a year before he just woke up one morning and finally knew why she had one.

Forcing a song is probably the best way to ruin it... And worrying about it only makes it worse. Go do something and get your mind off of the idea that you HAVE to write something, because you don't. It's a gift to get to write. Don't come back until it hits ya...
publish this

it is awesome
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Listen to ExtremeMetalFTW, he knows what he is talking about...

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