well guts i was looking around for a guitar to play heavyer stuff from punk and guns-n-roeses esque rock to a little metal for my bands upcoming gigs

ive already got a 68' reissue strat so im looking for a nice thick tone

i was thinking of getting this http://www.richtonemusic.co.uk/guitars-1/electric-guitars-2/washburn-wi65-pro-electric-guitar-black-394.html?currency=GBP

it seems like a reasnobal deal

keep in mind my budgets around £300ish

btw my amps a vox ad50 ( or will be in a few weeks)

customised westfield strat soon to be HH
MIJ 68'reissue strat from 1996

bunch of boss pedals
Washburn definitely makes some fine instruments. I must ask: have you played it? The best way to find what works best for you isn't to just troll for suggestions. Get out there and play as many different models of guitar as you can get your hands on!

If anything, also remember this: you can play 5 Strats, and even though they have the same pickups and other appointments, only 1 or 2 of them may feel right to you. I've played my father's Tele (a gift to me) for years but there are dozens of Tele's I have played that don't do it for me. Just cruise around until you play one that just works... it worked for many big-tie musicians, and it will work for you too!
I don't give two shits what people say... Telecasters are THE rock guitar!
k well i dont know the conversion from pounds to US/CAN $, ive always assumed roughly double, so in that case 600 bucks can go a long way. i have an epiphone sg and i got it back when i was more into classic rock, and now my styles have changed to some pretty heavy metal like metallica/lamb of god/gojira/etc. and it does all of those very well. drop tunings? have no fear! it does those perfectly. plus its got a pretty kick-@ss shape to it as well.
so thats my opinion. i dont know anything about washburns, but a good epiphone or almost any other decent guitar with humbuckers will give you that thick and chunky sound your looking for.
That guitar looks like pretty good value for money (especially with seymour duncans) and i have liked the washburn's i have played. I'd reccomend you try out the epiphone g-400 custom, i've had one for about 3 years and i love it to bits. The 3 pickups is not to everyone's taste though, but they are cracking guitars for the money. You could also get a standard g-400 and a pickup upgrade for around 300.

Have a look around second hand shops as well, you might be able to find a bargian.

check out the lower end tokai love rock guitars, they are really nice sounding instruments. Though i don't know anywhere except music ground's that sells them, which is difficult if you don't live near one.
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Well, i do believe that on your budget i would definatley shop around a little before making a decision on what to purchase. I agree whole heartedly with the previous post about getting out to your local music stores and trying out some guitars in your price range to see what may suit your style and give you that sound your looking for. Washburn make some fine instruments, but in my opinion the higher end models tend to be best but are a little more pricey. I would recommend for a little more of that fat tone your wanting ESP Ec Models are outstanding although maybe a hair tick out of your price range you can get some great tone with those guitars. Even their low end models sound really good. Also i like epiphones with alnico humbuckers they give a great rock tone with a lotta crunch and grit that might grab your fancy a little. Some of the ibanez models in the 300 price bracket are very good aslo check those out. Pay close attention to the humbuckers and body (wood) consturction is it mahogany, maple, basswood. Ask questions man listen to others opinions and go with what feels right generally expirienced plays can be great help to you. Back to humbuckers im partial to EMG but they are high in price the passives are probably gonna be best for you because they are a little cheaper, but in my opinion still give you some great sound and chunk. Dont get me wrong actives are much much better but we are on a budget here i know how it is....... You just have to hear the differences to know what i mean, but im hoping this helps you out man just get after play a lot of different ones youll know when youve found the sweetspot..........

keep rockin \m/
ya def agree with everyone here, especially about getting out and playing EVERY guitar in the store. thats what i did way back when i just had my little strat knockoff, and i ended up deciding that the SG was the coolest guitar ever. I tried so many guitars, even the extra expensive Les Pauls in the $3000 price range. i dont have a lot of experience with many brands, or with actives, but i say just go with whats tried, tested, and true.
what kind of bands do you listen to? check what kind of guitars they play. might give you some ideas.