Got a Vox ad15vt from a friend and need some help figuring out whats going on.
The amp powers up fine, but no signal gets through, just a light static from the speaker. The outside looks mint, it hasnt been used and abused.
Any ideas on how to fix it, or what might be wrong? Is it an easy fix? I dont have any futher background info on how it broke.
Thanks for any input you can give!
Is the volume on your guitar up? Did it work with your friends equipment?
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Yes, volume is definatly up on the guitar. Its not my guitar as my guitar works fine in my regular amp. The vox amp did not work for my friend either, thats why he gave it to me. Someone gave it to him for the same reason, but he never got around to fixing it, so he gave it to me.
Any ideas? should i try calling vox customer service?
Have you tried turning up the volume on the amp? Does turning the volume up on the amp make the static louder? It might be a bad input jack.
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I got rid of mine yesterday after 8 months of frustration.

Its very, very touchy. Did I mention that its touchy? I couldnt take it.

Could be the preamp tube. Also try hitting the channel button and adjusting the knobs. Its a real pain.