Hey guys I've got my first gig and I'm doing it solo. I don't have any experience playing shows but I've been to lots. Check out the songs in my profile and tell me wich ones would be the best to do acoustic. I want to know how to handle my nervousness. Any advice or tips appreciated.
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i think the streets of damnation would sound good acoustic
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Dude you're going to be nervous, it's your first gig, and solo makes it worse because you don't have a band to hide behind. So just accept that a bit of nervousness is good, and as long as you do a nice proper vocal (and finger) warm up beforehand and you're ready as you'll ever be. I would recommend a couple of things though. One: invest in a feedback buster if you can, it just plugs into your sound hole and that's it you won't have to worry about feedback, which is good. Also all the usual rules for gigs apply, try to engage the audience a bit, look like you're enjoying yourself and get into the songs, because all eyes are going to be on you so you want to make sure they've got something to look at! The rest will flow. Good luck!