Great song for a first composition. The lyrics were good too. Nothing much more to say. Are you mixing guitar and vocals or just singing while playing? There's alot of noise, that's why I'm asking. Maybe you should try to remove it with a program or something, would help

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=989691
Nice song man. Awesome intro and chord progressions. Just wondering, what's this song about if you don't mind?

Anyways, check out my originals. I think you'll like Terra's Plea (which oddly enough, has a line similar to your song actually). Anyway, it's here. Link maybe crit it lyrics-wise.

PS: I also have bad recording, maybe worse, so keep that in mind while listening to it. Thanks!
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Well kind of hard to explain but its basically the title, just ''run away'' of all of life's troubles. I tried to make it like, say you've had a bad day, what I'd do is just you know... well run =)
Yeah my recording are kind of bad, I don't have nice equipment yet.
Nice compo

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