NUT! not nuts......NUT!

Anyways it snapped last night while i was re-stringing.

I took off the low E, and the A, and loosened the hell out of the D. G, B, and high E are all still in tune.

I was in the middle of replacing my low E, when the nut snapped on me. It split diagonally between the D and A strings, so the little slit where the A string would rest now is opened up by this crack. So I tried hot-glue-gunning it, and i let it dry overnight, but it still won't stick.. Help?

Is this expensive? fixable? is this a retarded question?
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nuts cost about 10 bucks
its not a retarded question haha i asked a similar one about 2 weeks ago
but i'd have a professional install the new nut, because otherwise you could damage the neck
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