So, does anyone watch or like this show?

I recently bought a dvd from the store the other day (robot chicken) which came with a dvd sampler of all the adult swim shows, and i saw the tim and eric awesome show on there and watched an episode called 'cats', after watching the episode, i didnt know what to think, but i wanted more haha so i went out and after going to about 7 stores i finally found the dvd (mind you, here in australia not many people know what adult swim is)

i love it, cant get enough of it!
Getcha' Pull!
im bring this thread back to find out if anyone else thinks this Tim and Eric **** is retarded.

avante garde comedy can only go so far

Glimsom wrote:
I fell several hundred feet, and hit the ground, and then Batman appeared. He said "You gotta press the Y Button to fly." Then I woke up.
This is a shining example of how modern comedy is circling the drain...VERY VERY slowly.

Wake up, America. Will Ferrell has not been funny since 1999, John C. Reilly was only slightly funny in Whats Eating Gilbert Grape, and Saturday Night live is now only a vague, dusty shadow of the great pop culture icon it once was, thanks to the likes of Andy Samberg and Jimmy Fallon, who are such crappy actors/comedians that they routinely screw up their lines, laugh, and look at the camera during sketches, sketches that are very poorly imagined and even more poorly executed.
Tastes like chicken, if chicken was a candy.
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