I decided I wanted learn piano/keyboard in addition to guitar so i'm going to buy one, but i have no clue where to get one or what too look for... i plan on taking it seriously and taking lessons so does anyone that plays know a good place to look for one or a good keyboard to start with?
Get a cheap/used Yamaha keyboard.

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Depends what you're after. If you only mean to use keyboard and don't care about sound for performance just yet, any casio will do, but I guess that's not what you're asking.

For decent sounds, 88-keys (of a full piano, rather than the 60ish of a lot of keyboards) and graded, I would recommend a Yamaha P-70 (or it's most recent equivalent).
What's your price range?

Target and Wal-Mart sell decent cheap keyboards if you're just looking for something to practice and learn with, not so much as performance like wolffgang said.
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I'd say get a cheap Casio to start with until you decide whether you're really serious about playing. Then if you get serious about playing, you probably want to upgrade to one of two things. If you're going to be playing classical music and stuff, you obviously want to get a legitimate piano. You know, with strings and hammers and such. Course, those are pretty expensive. If you're going to be using it for rock music that has keyboard and stuff, you could go for an 88 key Yamaha or something of that like, those are really nice. They can imitate an acoustic piano as well, but nothing measures up to a real acoustic piano.
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