Well, I decided to turn today into a bit of a UG project day. I did two things today. First off, I recorded new clips of my Classic 30. I went over the settings I use for cleans, rhythms and leads. Then I did some stuff with my Pro Junior. All very nice. I tried to make the quality of the clips as good as possible, considering my crappy microphone. But I think they came out ok. They obviously sound much better in person but there’s not a whole lot I can do about that.

So, settings for the people who care:
Using a Epiphone Les Paul Custom w/ stock pickups
Clean (Done with the neck pickup)
Treble: 8 (Out of 12)
Mids: 6
Bass: 5
Reverb: 3

I actually am really fond of this clean tone, though I like my Pro Junior’s much better. I really need an A/B box

Rhythm (Bridge Pickup)
Part 1:
Treble: 5
Mids: 10
Bass: 8.5
Gain: 7
Reverb: 6

This is what I mostly use for my rhythm sounds. I think this actually sounds the worst out of all my clips but it does sound pretty nice in my house. It’s my attempt at a “brown sound” sort of thing.

Starting with my butchered Pride and Joy:
Treble: 4
Mids: 8
Bass: 10
Gain: 6
Reverb: 7

This is what I use for my “dirtier” blues sort of tone. There was a little too much gain in this, because I normally use the neck pickup, but the bridge pup was used for this recording. Also, you can hear my guitar is out of tune on one string. I tuned it just before doing P&J, so it is just testament to the fact that I need new tuners.

And finally
Treble: 10
Mids: 10
Bass: 10
Gain: 5.5
Reverb: 7

This is just a brighter tone I sometimes use. Sounds pretty good imo.

Lead (Back to the neck pup)
Treble: 10
Mids: 8
Bass: 10
Gain: 10.5
Reverb: 8

I like a very clear lead tone and this does it. It has less gain then you would think for it being on almost 11 and I tried to model it after David Gilmour’s tone on Comfortably Numb. Not sure how close it actually comes but I like it. I like a lot of ‘verb on my leads.

Treble: 4
Mids: 6
Bass: 5
Gain: 9
Reverb: 8

This is just another I stumbled across. I like it a lot but I use the first one more.

On to the Pro Junior:

Volume: 3
Tone: 2

Neck pup

A nice, bassy clean sound. This amp just has great cleans imo.

Then I cranked it up. All the way up to 12
The tone still on 2.

I don’t really like the breakup but I’m using the stock tubes and speaker and I suspect that has a lot to do with it.
It’s really loud but not actually unbearable.
I then roll off the volume knob on my guitar slightly and turn it down to about 10-11. This amp cleans up really well so that’s great for gigs.
So this thread has a second part to it. The NGD part. So earlier this week I was cleaning out a closet in my room. And gasp! What did I see? A black case!

I opened it and I found this.

Well, ladies and gents, what you see is a lap steel guitar. Made for slide playing. It was my Dad’s and it is a hell of a lot of fun to play. Pretty difficult though.

Some pics:

I have it tuned to open D and showed off some of my hack skills as a slide player. Played through my Pro Junior.

There is no label or anything on it. I have no idea who made it. So any info you guys have would be great. Cheers!
wow that's cool
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When you gonna send me the lap steel?
hey congrats! nice toes!


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oh, and um....that table and chair combo is pretty uh........interesting.

Are you a "little" person? I mean do you play it standing up even tho it's a lap guitar?

JK Felix, that things cool as hell.
I wondered why the frisbee was getting bigger, then it hit me.
I actually recorded sitting down on that chair. A little uncomfortable since I'm almost 6 feet but it gets the job done. It's mostly used by my 6 year old sister.
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