so on my musical profile myspace, i'll go to upload a song, and it keeps on saying "connecting" then five minutes later it'll just go to where it says its in my playlist...but i can't add my ablum art to it!! help!! i paid $20 to have my album art professionally designed and i want people to see it!!
I'm sure if you go to manage songs, on the right where the list of songs are, if the song is already uploaded completely, you should have the option to edit picture, and then just load it up...

You have to do it after the song is finished uploading.
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A $20 album cover doesnt constitute professional... imo.

I'm an artist, a comission is at least 60, and thats if you like the guy.
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wtf?.. should have put it on UG.. we could have made you when for like half that price..
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