I recorded a simple guitar and bass riff just so I could mess around in reaper and learn how to mix stuff better. I used EZdrummer for the drums. My drums sound to clean in comparison to my guitar and bass. Making better quality recordings is not an option. I just have my multi effects pedal plugged into my soundcard.

I want the drums to sound something like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AHC9w7pCIMQ. How can I do this?
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you could add a little overdrive or distortion to the drums after you mix them down. A little reverb should add something more as well.

I you have room mics in your drum program put them in place of any reverb. Compression and EQ a little and you should be able to get something better out of the drums in terms of making them a little "dirtier".
What frequencies should I boost/cut on each drum? How do I use the compressor? I am a noob at this.
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you could try feeding ur line out straight back into your line in/mic/whichever port ur using for recording. ive never tried this but i dont see why it wouldnt make ur drums sound as "dirty" as the rest of what ur recording.
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