I dug this one up today. Wrote it in eighth grade I think. I think it's pretty good........ I wrote it from the point of view of a guy so.....C4C.

Your Ego Verses My Two-Sense (I Bet I'll Win)

I can smell your sex
Two blocks east of the fire
You know full well it's no coincidence
That your tongue fits perfectly in my cheek
And that the space between your legs is just
Big enough to accomidate my ego

Let's tear the sheets to ribbons
Then tie them into bows
And sell them on the street
To the innocent passerby
They'll take them home and show their wives
And over a home-cooked meal
They will ponder the thought....

Why do men like me
Need a cigarette every 28 minutes and 18 seconds?
And why do women like you
Put on dresses and learn to **** for money?

I hope you choke
On your after dinner glass of wine
And I hope you gag
On your early morning swig of vodka

Then maybe you'll start to rethink all the reasons
Why you spent two hundred dollars on a
for your lovely wife
when your mistress has

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