Well theres this girl, and I started hanging out with her a little while ago, and at first it was cool and stuff, but now when we hang out its kinda awkward because we can't think of anything to talk about. So i was wondering if theres anything i could do to make it less awkward (like things to talk about), and has this happened to anyone else?
No, it's never happened to anyone else. Sorry.

Try going to the only relationship thread. They know their stuff.
Relationship thread is for relationships?
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...Srsly, talk about the weather with her.

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Someone is going to report you and tell you to go to the relationship thread. Sorry. i wont though. I dont care.

On topic, things you talk about just have to flow. Tell her some story that happened to you and that will usually break off into a big conversation
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Ask her how she feels about rape... just a suggestion.
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You call that a problem?

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I get that sometimes around guys. I usually go on asking them a question and keep building on from there. Telling stories is always good.
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the relationship thread has a big list on what to talk about to a girl
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do an activity instead. that way you don;t have to talk so much, and can talk about the activity. carve pumpkins? they're on sale now. lol.
Find a new girl to talk to.
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Stop thinking about her sexually. Thinking about a girl sexually will reflect in conversation later, even if you don't notice it.

Think of her as just another friend. If you do this, the conversations will create themselves.
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