I will be purchasing a used Fender MIM Strat (HSS if possible) to pair with a Roland Micro Cube or Cube 15x. What is a decent cable to go with this? Is a pedal needed or anything else besides picks? This is my first guitar and i'm a total novice.
what country are you in? i know of very good value cables (which are high quality too) if you're in the UK.

i'd advise against getting the cube 15x as it doesn't have the amp models- either get the microcube or get the cube 30x (both of which do, though the cube 30x has more models than the micro).

you won't necessarily need a pedal, if you get the cube 30x though it wouldn't hurt to get the boss footswitch to let you change channels (i'm not sure of the exact model, it should say on the boss/roland website). also you'd need a strap, and maybe a guitar stand.
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Cables and strings are by far a personal preference thing. Unless you go super cheap, or are using really long cables, there's not much difference in quality between them. Certainly not enough for you to be able to notice on a Micro Cube.

A handheld metronome/tuner is a great value buy. Again, there's not a huge difference in quality between the cheapest and the most expensive unit. Unless you're trying to get it in a pedal form. In that case, just don't buy Boss.