How do i sing and play guitar at once it hard and i want to be better, i dont know what to do its like ill sing then ill stop playing complicated
the sticky has an article about it..

just practice, practice, practice!
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You practice until you can do it well. That's the only way, man. Start with just strumming power chords and singing to it, then progress from there.
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I have that problem as well, but I've been practicing so I'm getting better at it. I suggest that you practice the guitar part first. Then, when you have that down pat, hum the melody when you play. Once you've mastered that, then start singing lyrics. Hope this helps.
You have to practice it the exact same way you practice anything else- slowly and deliberately. Play the song at like half speed and work on it there. Be very deliberate with your actions. Keep practicing and when you become comfortable you can start to go faster until you get up to tempo and can play it with relative ease.