Music's great but the video needs a little work. Try and find some kind of theme and, as was said before, don't just show the band playing. Another thing you could try is not doing everything handheld, the camera keeps jittering and that kinda lowers the effect. Good luck with the CD!
Ts, music is quite good, vocalist is very Cobain-ish, and the video is quite decent, but, if you want people to be more interested in your videos, Try and steer away from just you guys playing you stuff.

Have you ever seen a Foo Fighters video clip? They're a great example of a band that put some form of storyline into their videoclips, like that of:

Breakout http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BCxS0XE56nM

DOA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2_0Rx780Uk

See if you get some ideas from that.

Of course, your budget is definetly nowhere near that, but you can still come up with some fairly imaginative shit to go with your tunes, that might turn out alright

Good luck.
"Brainwash" sounds a lot like some of Nirvana's better songs.

The video is alright, but you should include more than just band practice. Think about what your song is about, and write a visual story to match that.