i got the new Trivium cd no to long ago, and its been bugging the shit out of me...what does kirisute gomen mean?
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literal translation is something along the lines of "im sorry, but im going to kill you". its as boreamor said. the japanese samurai class was allowed to kill peasants at will over disputes of honour/justice/lulz/etc...

a good example is from the book "shogun" by James Clavell. The pilot of the english ship's sword was called "oil seller" because it was used to hack an oil seller in half because he wouldnt move for lord Toronaga's caravan.
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Good song, doesn't make up for the rest of the cd though.

On topic, I believe boreamor is correct. Try Google.
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all kidding aside, the samuri thing sounds badass
ps, i actually like trivium, just wanted to poke fun at them