ok, so i've been skating for the better part of a month now, really enjoying it. except today i was messing around in my driveway and the front truck snapped off. I'm still a beginner, so what are some cheaper, durable skateboard trucks that are preferably low to the ground and light?
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if you want light stay away from independants and ventures, they are heavey as shit (even though i personally skate ventures)

i personally recommend royals, ive skated them and they work quite nicely, my board was light as a feather and quite low
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i prefer Silver. It's the only brand i use.
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I always go with Tensor trucks. Freaking unbelievable stuff.
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tensors or thunders

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alright, thanks for the suggestions, but which are the cheapest here? I'm on kind of a tight budget atm.
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really it depends on what you like. i have had a pair of adio trucks for 8 years and not once have i had problems with them.venture and independent are really brilliant brands as well.
if your using a light deck use heavey trucks and it stables out the deck during your ollies flip trick ect

as for height each brand has lower and higher modles they just might not look like how u want them to
I like Tensor and Royal. However, while's Royal's turning is buttery smooth, their kingpins are absolute crap. I broke my Royal's kingpin ollieing off a curb, and I'm about 140 lbs. Other guys I skate with also have had trouble with their Royal kingpins. Nice trucks, bad kingpins.

You really can't go wrong with Tensor.
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Destructos are cheapest out of all of these and gets the job done.

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you can find destructos pretty cheap and pretty low. i prefer venture mids and risers. deffinately stay away from all the magnesium baseplate crap, may be light but they're super fragile. same thing goes with boards. dont buy into the whole unbreakable board stuff. i broke one of the foundation fiberlam boards in like a month, my boards normally last about 4 months.

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Grind Kings are pretty good. If you're a beginner then trucks shouldn't matter to much.

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Grind Kings are really good they are extremely light and durable, destructos are pretty good too but heavier