(What Ever Happened To) Everyone’s Baby?

Verse 1
Never thought you’d be the one to change
But they sucked you in as one of the gang
Never thought you’d let ‘em in
But you went on and gave on in

Whatever happened to everyone’s baby?
Used to say no, now you skip past maybe.
Whatever happened to everyone’s baby?
She turned into a promiscuous lady.

Verse 2
You used to say man that’s wack
Turn around, there’s a monkey on your back
Didn’t used to have an itch
Now ya just can’t wait to scratch


Verse 3
Back when it was me and you
The sky it was always blue
But now it’s forever grey
Due to what you didn’t say


Verse 4
Don’t crawl back and say you’re sorry
Go back out on your “safari”
Don’t beg me to forgive you
You’re the one promised to be true

...Try again?

The lyrics come across as incredibly boring and constrained by the rhyme scheme. Very cliche, no real thought appears to be put into this. The theme is passable, but I am confident you can write much much better than this.