I have been playing for about 10 months now, started with acoustic and got my electric in July, and I confess I have been spending maybe 90/10 time with electric vs acoustic lol.

Now I can barre just fine and all, but am having trouble w/left hand getting fatigued rather quickly when I hold barre chords. I am practicing Mayer's Heart of Life, and I cannot use my thumb for low E like him and others-- I have to barre, and my hand hurts after playing about 2-3 verses. I have not played full songs like this before with barring and all, so is it all about really practicing this for a while specifically to develop my hand strength? (Perhaps I have just been barring on my noodly-stringed electric for too long now? hehe.) I just want to be sure I'm not alone here, or if I am what I may be doing wrong.

sounds about right. I play mostly acoustic (and one of my acoustics has ridiculous action so i can play slide) and when i switch to my tele its like friggn butter, not even talkin about touchin an ibanez. But yeah if your used to the electric switchin over to acoustic can really tank your speed and skill. Thats why i like playing all messed up shit guitars when im practicing, cause if you can play it messed up, then you can certainly play it on a good guitar
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The only solution is to just keep playing them barre chords. You'll get it eventually.
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Well I've been playing for 2 years and my ratio of electric vs. acoustic use will shift from time to time. When usage shifts in favor of acoustic, I find my strength does indeed improve. I might also note that speed is affected too. I was practicing sweeping patterns on acoustic, then playing on electric became easier. So what you can take from this is practice on acoustic, preform on electric.
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Thanks a lot guys. Yes, I really notice the diff when playing electric for a while and going back on the acoustic. I really like what you said atlaguitar, I am definitely going to spend way more time on acoustic, I just played a bit on my electric now after acoustic only for a few days and it felt so easy and fast hehe.
Just reporting back, I've been practicing a lot and only a few days later I can hold barres for a really long time without fatiguing. That keep practicing spirit is the real deal for anyone who may encounter this problem and find this thread, keep at it!!!
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