Does anyone have experience with one? Are they good acoustic guitars?
Is it a problem that they are not full scale guitars? Would you recommend one?

I don't wanna spend more than 500 dollars on a guitar, I like to play the blues and Jack johnson/dispatch like stuff when I play acoustic.
They're either a hit or miss. The one I played didn't sound very good. However, there are some good ones out there. Personally, I really don't think they're worth the price. There are better acoustic guitars for under $500. Takamine is one brand that stands out in this price range.
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A lot of them sound pretty good but none are well built. Your money is better spent elsewhere.
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my advice is don't buy it because it's a taylor.

now that doesn't mean it's a bad brand, it means just don't get swayed by a guitar because of their name. buy it because you like it.
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i thought they were good, my GF had one, not a very big soundm but very nice to play IMO
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