sooo here's something I need to ask you experts for, heh.
I'm deployed overseas (in the mili) and I'm somewhere that doesn't have a "public" (stores, etc) -- I got my axe from Musician's Friend and with it I ordered the iGtr which is great, but now I'd like a [small] amp to practice around on and use some fx pedals, etc... The thing is, what would be a SAFER bet for shipping, etc, aswell as a great tone, etc? I'd figure a tube amp would have a better possibility of getting frogged up in transit (it goes somewhere in the states, then sent somewhere else, then brought here, then transported to another little "mail room". thanks in advance.
What are you wanting to play and want are you wanting to pay?

If you had a relative get the amp and then take the tubes out pack them and pack the amp right I would think it'd be just as safe as an SS amp.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
Small amp with lots of effects, versatile? MicroCube or Vox Da5 or Vypyr 15. Which depends on what you play most and how far into metal you get.
I play a lot of older rock, and old country, but like some effects to mess with aswell. That Cuba looks nifty, and the reviews rate extremely well... I'm definitely going to look into this little thing some more... is there possibly anything more of a regular size around the same price? At $125 for a 5" it better hold up to its reviews. heh.
I think I'd lean more towards the vox then, it's more suited for the stuff you play.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not