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After the partial success of Round 2 the Challenge moves towards its 3rd chapter. But, the journey is long and some members will be lost, victims you could say, stepping blocks if you're feeling vicious. The mods, the omnipotent ones have spoken and here are the results....

For this round the Red X's mean nothing, you might have guessed what they are for but I never said when they will become active.

Before the eliminations can be completed all group owners will have to remove all the members that did not submit a picture for Round 1 according to the list in the 2nd post of the Info/Questions thread (This does not including removing those who didn't submit for Round 2). Once you have done that come back here and continue reading! THIS IS A MUST!


Each match won in the polls was worth one point, the team that scored the highest amount of points in each poll is declared the winner of that poll.

For example: Teal Vs. Olive - Teal won 2 matches, Olive won 1 so the result was:
Teal 2-1 Olive. Teal win. Which means that Olive have to eliminate 1 user.

There is a further deduction for not submitting the required 6 pictures of 1 user.

Below is a list of the total user losses for each team:

Lime -0
Yellow -0
Black -0
Gray -0
Plum -0
Sky Blue -0
Teal -0

Purple -1
Olive -1
Indigo -1
White -1
Pale Green -1
Red -1
Pale Yellow -1

Silver -2
Sand -2
Navy -2
Pink -2
Turquoise -2
Dark Green -2
Dark Red -2
Sienna -2
Blue -2
Orange -2

It is for the group owners to remove the required number of users AFTER removing those who did not submit for Round 1. So some teams are going to be removing a lot of members! How users are removed is down to the teams to decide. I can see clearly the amount each group should have after this has been completed so no cheating! If it helps round 3 is a writing round.

Sorry to all those who have been knocked out this early. I never said this was going to be friendly.

Note to Group Owners: Please email me the name(s) of the user(s) that did submit a picture for Round 1 but had to be eliminated as per the list above. - Those users will have their round 1 photos posted in an elimination thread for our amusement.

If any of the group owners has any questions regarding what they have to do then please PM me. This is an open invitation to group owners only!

Thank you all for your patience with this.

THW aka Steve
Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.