Ever since i've had my Stage 1(Michael Kelly subdivision) guitar, the action is ridiculously high. I don't want to lower it to the point where the frets would buzz, but at least lower than it is now.

Unlike on my electric I cant just screw in the bridge to lower it. How do I do this? under the sound hole theres a pole going into the neck with an allen key. I can't think of any other way.

Is that how I adjust the action? If so, which direction? thanks
Do not adjust action with the truss rod!

Action on acoustics is changed by shaving height off the bridge.
It should be done very carefully, as you can always take more off, but you can't put it back!

I would advise you ask a guitar tech to do it for you.

Would I shave off the white part or the black part? I have some sandpaper i could just give it a try..

i havent changed the strings in months so id get an excuse to do that too. Theyre elixirs, my first time using them. They're just now starting to get worn. These last forever
The white part is your saddle, and is the part you sand off.

Sand from THE BOTTOM of the saddle, and make sure you keep the bottom FLAT, or you will change the height of the strings in relation to each other.

Once again, though, if you're this new to adjusting action, I do not think it would cost you too much to have a guitar tech perform it. Jsut make sure you ask him how much he think it'll cost before you let him have at it.
i really dont have the money atm :P i just sent my tube amp into a tech..

But i want to do this the right way. I'm not sure what you mean about sanding from the bottom. There's only one side of the saddle i can sand, and that's the visible part(top) !

i'm going to remove my strings now
You can take the saddle out once you remove the strings.
Have the sandpaper on a level surface, and slide the bottom (the side the strings do not touch) of the saddle back and forth.

Go slow, and make small increments to make sure you do not lower the action too much.

If you fail, you can buy a new saddle at a local music shop.
So all hope wont be lost.

Edit: Also, if you fail, you can put a shim underneath the saddle to make it higher.
Lol i'll try not to fail

i'll post pictures when i'm done. I didn't know you can take out the saddle..

Not nearly as low as my ibanez(obviously) But there's definitely a difference, alot more comfy now

Thanks for the help!