Is weed really not bad? O_o Well i don't do any drugs, but I know soooo many people that smokes weed and schools & other education stuff constantly reminding everyone drugs are addictive and cause serious damages. Now I've read some drug forums, it doesn't seem weed is any big of a deal at all.
For those who know, is it even addictive?
is it more addictive than regular smoking?
It's only bad if you don't use the search bar first.

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it depends whether you smoke it with tobacco or not

also you shouldn't call it weed, that is derogatory to the herb
Of course not. Drug addictions, tons of wasted money, and bad social life are all great things.
it is addictive but its about as addictive as jacking off, u an stop jacking off just as u can stop smoking weed, its not like ur gonna wind up on the streets from a little bit of mary jane