I'm writing this while smoking a cigarette, but I'm not going to be able to finish it. I guess i just got bored and figured why not, but your input is very much appriciated. I'll set up the scenario thats in my head right now since im stuck. So this is a twisted addiction song like so many others, i dont feel like being really creative right now. Anyways, I guess what im shooting for is a imaginary person, sorta like an angel, that turns out to be not there. Its like a last hope for help ends up turning its back on you a walking out type deal. But all i got is the chorus, and i just finished my cigarette. I hope to get some positive feedback, and i try to finish it tomarrow.

help me, fight this feeling
its in my head
ill soon be dead
help me, start the healing
hope is gone
it wont be long
help me, before its to late
before its to late
wait its to late

p.s. this is my first song ive written since 2003 when i was trying to impress a girl, didnt work on that girl but i got her friend. be easy on me.
You should try posting this in the Songwriting and Lyrics Techniques forum, there is a thread there for specifically this purpose actually. You can post this section of your song, and others will help you figure out how you should pursue your idea. This section of the forum is intended for completed works only.