Turn your back, shut the door, dont talk to me anymore

So i hung my head and hid my shame, waiting for a response that never came. I heard my name called out through the wind- by my dark passenger. Waiting for me he beckoned me down and i complied so i could hide from what was my life. (walk the plank, no pain but regret)

our hands glowed in the warmth of how great things were and i dont understand how it got this far.

He was drunk and i was angry. Fueled by you i was on a high. He shouldn't have touched you and i shouldnt have grabbed that bottle...

i never meant to scare you. i could've fixed this but you wouldn't listen. and now you look into my eyes as they look up at yours. They pull a sheet over my face, scoop me up, and take me away-all the while i watch you begging me to stay.

kinda emo i guess but whatevs
Six minutes? Seriously? Just wait a while man. Patience is a wonderful thing.


And you should probably read the rules about how many pieces you can post at a time.