It's somewhat long, so bear with me...I was shooting for an Elliot Smith type vibe with this song. Crit 4 crit.

Promises to Keep
(Verse 1)
I'd say I love you but
I don't if it's true
I don't know how I feel
I'm a stranger to myself

(Verse 2)
I see faces starring at me
and I don't know if I should look or run
The only face I know is yours
and its still hard to look at

(Chorus 1)
But I'll keep quiet if its easier for you
If this is love it hurts so much

(Verse 3)
I call you on the telephone
I never get s reply
Your off chasing dreams and people
who aren't anything like you

I'll make believe you love me as much as I do
I just won't tell you
about the nights without sleep
and the promises I intend to keep

(Verse 4)
I'm the loser you'll never know
I'm just a nobody anyway
My feelings numb my mind
So I won't have to care

(Chorus 2)
and I try so hard to leave
but your thought keeps me here

How can I tell you all I want to say
when you just turn away?
Look at yourself
is this the character you want to play?

(Verse 5)
Soft shoes shuffle on empty streets
in the shadow personal defeats
stem the pain and try my best
to keep all my promises for you