You can buy my love. All of it.

Go for it. You won't regret it.

...AIDS is free of charge, by the way.
You could give it to me?


THE ASTRAL PANDA σƒ τλε τρπ βπστλεπλσσδ


Guitar strings? Mail order condoms? Or you could try and find a subscription porn site that accepts paypal?
Or yeah give it to me. I could put it to alot better use.
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x2 on Subscription to porn site.

Just look on eBay.

Maybe something cool for your room, since it's where you spend most of your time.
Or something funny, regardless eBay has everything.
Get an issue of Guitar Techniques.
New To Town With A Made Up Name

In The Angel's City

Chasing Fortune And Fame
you could send it to me, and in return i won't ban you
from daylight...
...into darkness
Save it just in case you want something later?
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You're Thurstonsexual

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The public doesn't want new music; the main thing that it demands of a composer is that he be dead.
-- Arthur Honegger

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