A buddy of mine and I were jamming recently and he showed me a scale that I hadn't ever used before.
Say we're in the key of D, the notes would be; D,E,F,G#,A,Bb,&C#.
I'm pretty sure it's called Hungarian Gypsy Minor. It's a very cool sounding scale.
Kinda reminds me of Russian music. Anyway, I was harmonizing the scale to derive the arpeggios, they are:
D min
F augmented
G# ? (G#,Bb,D)
Bb min
C# min

The chord/arpeggio based off the G# has a bb3rd and a b5. Anybody got an idea as to what you call this? I guess in the grand scheme of things it doesn't really matter what its called. But if someone knows, clue me in.
i don't know, I think I ran across this scale a while back and I do think it was hungarian gypsy, but idk. I find this interesting, I've always wondered what you would call weird triads like this.

my best guess would be G#sus2b5


figured out a chord for it, hard as hell to finger but sounds cool

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Its A#7/G#. It can also be called, as The4thHorsemen said, G#sus2b5 but thats a mouthful.
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