Alright, I have a Mexican Standard from 2002. All the goodies taken away for economic reasons that make the older MIM's kick American Standard ass IMO(Slick finished neck, slight tint on neck, lower string tree, lower tension springs, slightly hotter pickups, prettier finishes, etc.). I love it, but I want to get a bit further into the exact tone I want, so I was hoping for some pickup recommendations. No boutique or internet-only brands, I want these to be pickups I can walk into Guitar Center, point to, have installed in my strat and walk out.

Anyway, the sounds I'm looking for are along these lines;

Neck; That classic SRV tone. More of that, for lack of a better term, "spanking" bell tone, but with more clarity than I get now, plus hum canceling if possible, though I'm fine with using position 2 if I can't get hum-canceling.

Neck-mid; I don't use it except to get that SRV neck pickup sound without the hum, so something along the lines of the above.

Mid; I barely ever use it, as long as it blends well with the neck and mid pickups, I'm fine with whatever the pickup is.

Mid-bridge; The 1960's British "quacky" tone. It sounds great stock, but I want a little more clarity, plus I want it to distort a bit easier.

Bridge; the classic twang Fender is famous for. I also want this one to be able to pull the occasional metal song, but I'm not looking for a DiMarzio good-distorted/awful-clean type of pickup, I want it to be able to give that classic snappy-twang Fender is famous for.

I'd like to keep it under $200 total, but recommend what you feel would be fitting. Any and all suggestions are appreciated.

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I have Tonerider Classic blues singles in neck and bridge, they give a warm sound as well as having the twang needed. In my bridge i use the tonerider Generator humbucker. Clean it sounds amazing and warm but not gibson warm. On distortion it kicks serious butt. Harmony central has a nice review here: http://reviews.harmony-central.com/reviews/Electric+Guitar+Pickup/product/Tonerider/Pure+Vintage/10/1

The pickups i put in are so creamy its unbelievable. When head to head with an American deluxe going thru a Fender Supersonic there is no contest. Try it, demo it, install it... you won't be disappointed.

Looking for prices now, http://rhfactorguitars.mybisi.com/ , has the trs 3 complete set for $99 (back in my country i paid about $200 thanks to exchange rates, but yeah)

hope this helps
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Neck, 1962 style pickup
Middle, another 1962 style pickup but slightly overwound
Bridge an overwound 1969 style pickup

The key things to look at are that the neck have alnico 5 magnets and forbon bobbins with 42awg heavy build forvar wire wound to around 6.2K (give or take)

The middle should be the same specs but wound to around 6.5 to 6.8K

The bridge needs to have alnico 5 magnets forbon bobbins and 42awg plane enamel wire. late 60's pickups were "underwound" and lack the power that modern players want from a bridge pickup. Using late 60's specs but overwinding will give you a thicker tone and more quack that is better for leads and boost the output for more distortion.

I would recomend a smooth groove 62, a smooth groove CEW, and a Warm Gorilla Groove from my website. With your UG discount the total will come up less than $200 and because the $ is stronger now than it was a couple months ago I should be able to offer you free shipping too. If you don't go with my pickups just keep in mind what I pointed out at the beginning of this. There are a lot of pickup makers (mostly boutique) that can get you what you are looking for.
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Fender Texas Specials. That's what comes in the Fender SRV model. They're not noise cancelling though. The single coils that are noise cancelling, (in my experience), don't have that authentic Strat tone that you're looking for.
If there was anyone's advice you should follow in regards to pickups, its CorduroyEW's. I'd make my own suggestions, but hell, its easier to just agree with him.

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I have a Tex Mex setup in my MiM strat, two single coils in the neck and middle positions and a diamondback HB for the bridge pickup. Very happy I am. With the right amp settings I can just about get in the same ball park as SRV's tone. But you have to have very forgiving neighbours cause SRV liked to play with his amp loud
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Fender Texas Specials. That's what comes in the Fender SRV model. They're not noise cancelling though. The single coils that are noise cancelling, (in my experience), don't have that authentic Strat tone that you're looking for.

^ +1.

They should fit all of the threadstarters requirements. One extra point, the mid pup is reverse wound so you do get noise cancelling with the switch in positions 2 and 4.
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