my friend has a bass podxt live whose built-in expression pedal doesn't work. he can click it on and off and the LED's change color like they're supposed to, but it doesn't change any effects.

we've tried everything on the line 6 website and just about everything we could find, and the conclusion we've come up to is that the optic sensors have gone bad, which seems like a common problem. i also compared the circuitry with the guitar podxt live, and it is exactly the same for the expression pedal, so if anyone has replaced these on either model, it will work.

my question is, where do i find these sensors, and how do i replace them? any help is appreciated.
Email Line6?

i'm not sure how you'd find it otherwise... maybe eBay or something will have one from a partseller?

optic sensor? wtf? isnt an optic sensor like, an electronic eyeball or something?
but yah, email line6
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