i want to add a little solo over a song i wrote, its just am, c, g, and d. im not overly fast.
the songs not very bluesy, its more along the lines of staind, stuff like that. but im more comfortable with the minor pentatonic scale though, should i just use that scale in the key of g? i dont know anything about soloing, besides to use the key the chords are in. how do you think i should go about this?
Hey, first solos are fun as to do. I remember my first one was an alternate solo for "Midnight In Her Eyes" by the Black Keys and it was pretty rocking. Thing is, it didn't use any scales at all. If you want a solo to sound unique, you should just experiment around hitting different notes (even the wrong ones) and then go through and get rid of all the bad notes. Eventually you've got something really good. But yeah, scales are good as well. Even if you don't like blues music, or even classic rock for that matter, listen to a few old songs (don't have to listen to heaps, just one or two, look for them on YouTube or something) and take a few sounds for solos from them (trust me, most solos are just made up of bits of other solos) and chuck them all in. Or instead of old music take inspiration from whatever music you're into (I'm guessing stuff like Pearl Jam ("Alive"'s great for figuring out new ways to solo) and Silverchair's older stuff ("Tomorrow"'s good)) and just make it really awesome.

Or you can just use scales. But bending strings makes a really good effect - don't underestimate it. And although scales are good, fast solos aren't always the best solos. Take Alive by Pearl Jam, it's a relatively slow guitar solo but man it's so awesome. I dunno - just play what feels right. Don't go learning scales again and again, mix it in with songs, or else you won't learn how to play music but how to play theory.

Hope that helps.
that does help, i really appreciate it. i think a slow solo is the only kind that'll fit into my song, cuz its really mellow, which works, b/c i dont have great fingerspeed. and ill take your advice and throw some notes in that aren't in the scale, like you said, if it sounds right, i guess i'll be just fine. thank you
Try to target the notes in each of the chords, so as you play through the progression when you play the Am you look for the notes A, C & E, etc.

I might be wrong (probably am), but if you look at which notes are in each of the chords then you see that G minor pentatonic doesn't really fit over those chords, so try E minor, or even better E natural minor which contains the notes of E F# G A B C & D.
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yeah i started playing g-min. pentatonic and it didnt sound right, so i slid it down to e. i didnt think about using the notes in the chords, maybe thats why it keeps coming out so bluesy. so c major contains c f and c#, i would just throw in those notes an octave higher or whatever i choose?
C maj contains the notes C E & G

Am - A C E
D - D F# A
G - G B D

Those are the notes you can target, but that said, you should definitely experiment with outside notes, chromatic runs etc. You could record another track on top of the progression but rather than simply playing the scale you could play the same chords but only pick out a few notes of each chord
Nothing of me is original. I am the combined effort of everybody I've ever known.


okay its a little clearer now. i looked up what key its in, as i use Am C D E F and G and it's in the key of A minor. should i improv. in the key of Am as well? if i were to solely use the minor pentatonic scale and nothing else?
ill definitely use some outside notes
Definitely, try Am pentatonic and A natural minor. If it sounds good then it can't be wrong
Nothing of me is original. I am the combined effort of everybody I've ever known.

now im pretty psyched to start improvising. thanks for the help. thats the reason i like ug. that and the lulz
Oh you gotta have the lulz

Yup, all this chat makes me want to play some geetar, unfortunately I have 6 more hours at work.

good luck with the solo
Nothing of me is original. I am the combined effort of everybody I've ever known.