so i was writing an email a few minutes ago, bashing away at the keys, when i accidentally hit an unusual key, which changed the display of internet explorer on the screen.. it now has no searchbar or anything at the top of the screen, ie the entire screen is now a web page with none of the usual icons at the top.. i have to scroll the cursor to the top of the screen for it to re-appear.. theres no change to the regular desktop, its only when im on the web. i THINK i may have hit a key around F9 - F12 but im not sure which one it was.. is this making any sense to anyone??!!
try them all.

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P.S.: use Firefox instead of IE.

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it appeared when i moved the cursor to the top of the screen... but for a while it was all like.....whhhoooooaaaa
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P.S.: use Firefox instead of IE.

Why, so it uses more resources and conflicts with default settings?

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