Media is such a non-course it's rediculous...

Go on the times good uni guide.
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Im not sure about media production courses, but im sure you can get a lot of help from guides, and internet web pages, check out newspapers, they usually have reviews about universities and courses
Shut up mug i'm well aware that its a mickey mouse degree but someone needs to do it so u can get ur fix of family guy every day, on the topic though. i do film and tv at aberystwyth uni and its great all the stuff u want from studio to radio production and shit loads of xtra curricular stuff too like bay radio and courier magazine. don't let the fact that its in wales put you off though.
Bournemouth has a very good reputation but they won't let just anyone in, so you'd better be sure you know your stuff.
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I'm in my second year at UCLan (Preston), doing Media Production and Technology.
It's pretty good if media is what you're in to.

This link will tell you loads; there's timetables on there that will show you what modules are available and more.

UClan Media
One of my Friends does Media at the University of Hertfordhsire, seems pretty rad
But more importantly Relentless is only One Pound at the Uni Shop, good times.
I'm currently doing Film at Falmouth College of Arts and it's great. We have a full TV studio (part of Keeping Mum was filmed there) and great teachers, one of my practical tutors worked as a cameraman on Drunken Master and has worked with John Woo.

I'm currently doing my dissertation (10,000 words) which sucks, I'm not a very good writer

That might be a good website to check out if you've never heard of it...

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If you're going to do a media degree, you shouldn't be at uni.

UEL is good for media. That should tell you all you need to know.
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I'm looking at Media Production also, but more publishing than anything else.
Bournemouth, Bedfordshire, Northampton and Kent are meant to be pretty good for it, but I'm applying next year. Good luck finding the course for you
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