We all know by now that Jimmy page is hinting on a reunion.
John Paul Jones and Jason Bonham wants it too.
Robert Plant does not want to because he's doing work with Alison Krauss.

If he doesn't join, who will sing for him?
What are your thoughts.

I think David Coverdale, former Deep Purple singer, should replace him...
i thought they approached the guy from alter bridge. he'd be quite good in my opinion
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chris cornell would make for an interesting experiment. or maybe the guy with the dreads from the black crowes.
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Dave Grohl.

good choice, but he would not stop getting his hands on his gibson ES335 and sing like a demon, not an imp
chris robinson from the black crowes. he did a bunch of stuff with page in the late 90s and early 2000s. check them out on youtube.
well im my opinion it will be better than if they have Plant his vocals are shot to all hell and with a solid replacement singer like chris robinson they would be a much better live show. and it dnt matter they still have the best musician in the band with JPJ still there. i wouldn't go see them with plant but depending on how i feel about the replacemtn singer i would go see them.
I disagree, I think Plant has his voice still, though older.
I enjoyed looking at the youtube vids of the O2 reunion live.
I liked the fact that they lowered the key to make it more catchy and yes they sound better, especially Song Remains the Same.

Can't wait for a live album/dvd of the reunion,
I don't think I could really even enjoy seeing them live, no matter who was singing. It wouldn't feel right.
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Mr. Lordi
Amy Winehouse
ZP Theart
Rick Astley
Brian Blessed

Anyone of these would be preferable to Plant.

lordi lol
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Their singer.

Oh my God please let this happen.

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I hope Plant doesn't rejoin Zeppelin. His work with Krauss is better than anything they're going to rehash on a reunion tour...
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they shouldn't call themselves led zepplin then. I saw a page and plant concert, closer to L.Z. and they called themselves page and plant. Anyways, jimmy might want to make some money but this is a bad move for them. Without Plant they will not sound like L.Z. and it will be a big embarassment to all involved.
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