Do you write down any crazy dreams you have the moment you weak up so that you don't end up forgetting them after a while cause your brain will forget inchoherent events?

I have had many-a-crazy dreams and I think I'd have made crazy money if I had foreseen having a sheet of paper and a pen by my head to write them down and sell them as movie scripts.
Yeah, but only so i can lucid dream more often
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Yeah, but only so i can lucid dream more often

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Never have unfortunately.
It's called a Dream Diary, my mate keeps one.

Seriously, the trippy shit he dreams about and that he writes about is amazing, it's like nothing I've ever seen.
If you suck at writing, get a dictaphone??
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I really want to, but at the same time the first thing I wanna do when I wake up is go back to sleep, and writing shit down would make that difficult.