Please come listen to my covers. I am quite proud of my playing and singing. I sing lead vocals and guitar (We are a trio Vocals-Guitar/Bass/Drums)


Along the Watchtower- Jimi Hendrix/ Bob Dylan
Maybe Someday- the Cure
Wonderwall- Oasis
Don't Go Away- Oasis
If I Am- Nine Days

Please feel free to tell me how you guys like them. I am particularly please with the song "Don't Go Away" - Oasis (I'm a big oasis fan).

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Those were some pretty good covers and you're a good singer (better than most on UG), but the recording quality isn't good at all. What are you recording with, cuz you guys should get a multui-track or something?

Also, on Wonderwall your drummer slowed down a lot at the end, and kinda ruined that one big fill. And overall the band could have been just a little tighter on some songs. I kinda expected more from guys your age, but still, you guys seem to be a pretty good band, so keep it up.

Pretty good but you could've done better. Keep Up the good work though.

BTW If you ever need a new Rhythm or Lead Guitarist I have a few buddies that live in WV and their Awesome. I myself am still in the learning process...lol
Good Luck
Good Hunting
and most of all God Bless