This is the thing. About 5 months ago, I've been wondering to get my second electric guitar, because I need 2 ones with different tunning and because I need to walk one step forward the cheap Squier Strat that I already have. I use to play mostly Alternative/Indie stuff, variating to some Hard Rock sounds.

I got this Laney LX12 as my amp, and I don't really care about feedback on semihollow guitars because I really like that models. So, these are my wanted options (limit of the budget being the last one):

*Epiphone Dot (the ebony one)
*Epiphone Casino (the black one)
*Epiphone G-400 1966 (the cherry one)
*Fender Jaguar HH.

I'd like to get one of these semihollows, but which of this guitars would you suggest me, specially?. If these are not good options, yeh, you can suggest anything else but Ibanez. Please, avoid suggesting Ibanez.

Thanks, and have a nice day.
Fender Telecasters are ideal for alternative and indie, and if you dont really play much metal, they really are brilliant, if not, id go for the Fender Jad. (I Love Fenders )

had to be done

Jackson RX10D
Ibanez GAX30
Ninja Strat Copy

Laney LX120Twin Extreme
Fender Frontman 15W

Boss ME-20 Multi Effects Board
get yourself a telecaster.
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You could try grabbing a Sheraton II used and, if you want more out of the pickups, put in some Burstbuckers or something. That'd be a nice guitar.
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