In Edinburgh...

Laney TT50C combo, 100% mint, a month and a half old. £550 picked up.

Laney AOR30 combo, recapped, Eminence Cannabix Rex speaker, 8.5/10 condition, works 100%, £200 picked up.

Carl Martin ACTone prototype. You may make me cash offers if you want, but I'd rather trade, but who knows.

Danelectro Danecho:
A very fun delay, can be bright or dark, and also be an echo. Real nice pedal to be fair, but I'm not much of a delay person at all. As it's a cheap pedal, I'd rather trade it.

A NICE compressor
A nice delay with tap tempo
A proper pedalboard
A US Muff?

But eh, let me know about anything you may have

ACTone is a PROTOTYPE and as such does not share the Carl Martin paintjob. It's the gold pedal in there.
Danecho's on the board too, and here's a pic of the TT50C:
Bump... I may be ok shipping outside of Edinburgh if you're convincing enough

I am VERY interested in:
Orange Rocker30 head
Tiny Terror
Blackstar HT5 head (maybe)

Any nice single/two channel, low wattage heads.
Teh boomp. If you're not happy with my prices, feel free to haggle!!

AOR: £170 picked up, for a 100% working, almost mint one!

TT50: £450 picked up. That's a three channels, MIDI compatible 50W amp with a great Celestion Lead 80 speaker in.