I got 3 new pedals last week well, they are all 3 used but they're new for me.

MXR Phase 90

MI Audio Crunchbox

Planet Waves CT-04

I like them, especially the Phase 90. It's the first good phaser I own, after a Ibanez PT-9 and a Small Stone. The Crunchbox kicks ass to and the tuner does the job. It's really noisy when tuning but I'll get it out of my chain with an A/B box or something.

Now all I want is Boss DD-7, an overdrive (Maxon OD-9 maybe) and a Fuzz Factory!

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The PW is a nice pedal.
Quote by WtrPlyr
Yeah it looks nice and it works fine, but you can't use it in your chain if you're gigging because it beeps and crackles like hell if you're tuning

It has two outputs. One kills the output signal when the pedal is on.

It works great live. I've used it several times.
thats weird...that kind of defeats the purpose of a pedal tuner
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