you wrote something about me
everybody hated it.

but it made me feel kind of odd
i'm not going to tell you how it made me
feel because that would be predictable.

it made me feel like the man who stood lost in
the middle of the desert and realised that the biggest
decision of his life would be choosing which way
to start walking

there was something comforting about it
and if you can please just one person...
then you must be a pretty bad writer

but that doesn't matter from where i'm sitting

bookmovies and the springtime have something
in common. hasten a guess?


don't worry too much about being forced to feel a fool by people you don't know.
it's significantly more enjoyable than being fooled to force a feel of people you don't know.

well, for most people it is.

*rapes a stranger*

You've made me smile for the first time in a long time. I knew you'd write this.

"Success is as dangerous as failure. Hope is as hollow as fear." - from Tao Te Ching

i may commit suicide. i don't know whether to feel shamed or, well, i don't know what to feel. i'm stuck somewhere between balling my eyes out and beaming. of course, i could be being presumptous and this is about something else, in that case, i've made a fool of myself three times this week. but this is beautiful, man, it really is. I'll go away and cry now.
Evev though you have made me feel like crying, your writing is also so delictable.

It's the writing that best shows a persons character.
s'gorgeous. very up front, almost like a conversation after a fight. I like it. I don't even know exactly what it's about, but it made me feel kinda special myself